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We are excited to host our first IDeaS & Hotel ICON Leadership Forum on 11 Oct – HOTECH 2020: Redefining sales, marketing and revenue in Asia and we'd love for you to join us and other industry leaders and technologists of tomorrow to explore what 2020 will bring and what it may mean to hospitality.

This is an exclusive event intended to foster conversations and learning about the hottest hotel technology and consumer trends that you should watch out for. For young hoteliers - this is the perfect platform to network and be inspired by industry leaders, learn lessons relevant to boost your careers in hospitality and the travel industry.


8:00 - 9:00 Registration

9:00 - 9:10 Welcome address from Hotel ICON and IDeaS

9:10 - 9:30 APAC online travel in the next 5 years – consumer trends
Travel has become a popular lifestyle choice among the growing middle and upper classes in Asia, and gross travel bookings are projected to register high single-digit annual growth from 2017 to 2021. It’s critical for hoteliers to understand the traveller behaviours, attitudes and preferences, identify key trends across demographics, trip types, travel incidence and spend, online information source, booking behaviours, and the usage of mobile devices and social networking in relation to travel

9:30 - 10:15 Panel Discussion – Smart technology for smart hotels serving smart guests
  • What are the new problems that need addressing as our consumers habits and expectations evolve?
  • How are legacy systems adapting and innovating?
  • How to integrate new technologies into legacy systems?
  • How should tomorrow's leaders upgrade their capabilities to thrive in an age of accelerating technology
  • The future of emerging technology trends

Moderator: Rachel Grier, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Richard Hatter, General Manager, Hotel ICON

10:15 - 10:45 Morning Break
10:45 - 11:30 Panel discussion: Having a personal touch in your marketing strategy
  • Understanding the complete customer journey at every touch point
  • Why smart segmentation and targeted personalization is important?
  • Data-driven personalization to enhance guest experiences and drive loyalty
  • Personalization privacy paradox: where is the fine line?
  • How to achieve personalization at scale?
11:30 - 12:00 Innovation in travel marketing, direct bookings via Google hotel ads
12:00 - 1:15 Networking Lunch
1:15 - 2:00 Panel discussion: The ongoing disruptions in travel distribution
  • Booking a trip via Amazon Alexa? Checking your booking from apple watch? Booking a hotel on Airbnb? Skipping OTAs and intermediaries with Blockchain? What’ hype and what’s reality?
  • The multifaceted and ever-changing dynamics between OTAs, and between OTAs and hotels
  • How the need for personalization is changing hotel e-commerce
  • What’s more to come?
Estella Hale, Chief Product Evangelist, SHR
Boon Sian Chai, Senior Director of Market Management, Expedia

2:00 - 2:20 What hoteliers need to know about advanced analytics in revenue management
  • How analytics improve your business strategy
  • Different types of analytics and what you get out of them
  • How to get big data right
  • How to get the most out of your technology

2:20 - 2:40 Case Study: 
How Hotel ICON use RMS software to improve the profitability by optimizing occupancy of the higher room categories Patrick Sin, Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management, Hotel ICON

2:40 - 3:10 Afternoon Break
3:10 - 3:30 Artificial intelligence – what does it really mean to hotels?

Artificial intelligence (AI) – such as machine learning, voice activation, chatbots, facial recognition, natural language processing, and robotics – drives innovation in a wide range of industries.
  • Where has AI already begun to be used from guest facing to behind-the scenes? Where else do we see possibilities?
  • What are the concerns and risks?
  • The success of AI depends on data. Data here there and everywhere – It’s a great story, but talk is cheap; what are we really doing about data management in hospitality?
  • How will AI and big data enable hotels to personalize guest experiences from booking to post-trip

3:30 - 4:15 Panel: Millennials guests- are we really ready?
  • What do millennials expect on hotels and travel in general?
  • How hotel industry is evolving to meet the demand of this generation?
  • Understand millennials' point-of-view on hospitality technology and what they want to see
4:15 - 4:30 Closing Remark
4:30 - 5:30 Networking cocktail 

Together with our partners, we will be discussing:
Data-driven personalization to enhance guest experiences and drive loyalty
The ongoing disruptions in distribution - Amazon Alexa, Airbnb, and block chain
Artificial intelligence – what does it really mean to hotels?

And a lot more, check out the agenda here

Register now for the only event dedicated to super-charge your understanding of hotel technology and your sales and marketing strategy to deliver revenue growth for Hotelier Indonesia!

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Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia


The Berlin Travel Festival offers a unique format addressing the needs of a new generation of travelers. From March 8–10, 2019, the forward-looking event at Arena Berlin connects exhibitors directly with travelers and plays host to an action-packed program of speakers, events, and workshops.

After launching in March 2018, positive feedback for the Berlin Travel Festival was overwhelming. Visitors and exhibitors praised its fresh approach, the “direct access to the target audience,” as well as the “young, dynamic vibe,” calling it “pioneering” and “diverse” in comparison to other travel events. For 2019, the festival has added additional sections to address the unique desires of today’s traveler and has expanded the learning section to offer unparalleled access to travel experts. Click here to find out what exhibitors said about the first Berlin Travel Festival.

Planning for the Berlin Travel Festival 2019 is already underway – exhibitors registering before August 31, 2018 will receive special rates.

Photo: Nomadic by Choice


In a connected world, work and play overlap – making special services facilitating an easy and enjoyable travel experience essential. With this in mind, in addition to the Outdoor Escapes, Culture Journeys, Weekenders, and Nest (start-ups) areas, the new Travel Services section features exhibitors offering the latest developments as well as tried and true forms of transportation, technology, communication, and permits and visas for world nomads and entrepreneurs alike.

That’s not the only new section: Today, the most coveted travel experiences are those that inspire lasting personal transformation. The festival has added Body, Mind & Spirit. Devoted to experiences that slow down and focus on mental and spiritual health, Body, Mind & Spirit exhibitors range from retreats and digital detox to voluntourism and opportunities to reconnect with nature.

Photo: Daniel Hansen


The Berlin Travel Festival is about listening, learning, and creating. Direct access to travel experts is one of the most exceptional aspects of the event. The new Berlin Travel Festival Campus, a 1000 sqm on-site location, is dedicated to presenting a line-up of inspirational stories and adventures, master classes for small groups, and deep dives for experts. Pros will be on hand all weekend sharing their tips, travel hacks, and hosting engaging creative sessions for everyone.

Photo: Nomadic by Choice


Through August 31, 2018, the Berlin Travel Festival is offering a 10% discount to exhibitors who register early. Exhibitors who register for both 2019 and 2020 by November 15, 2018 will benefit from a 20% discount. And NGOs and non-profits will always have a special place – so the festival is offering an ongoing 50% discount on the standard exhibitor fee. Online registration:


The Berlin Travel Festival is a unique format focused on new perspectives in travel to inspire curious adventurers. Organized by I LOVE TRAVEL GmbH in cooperation with ITB Berlin, the three-day festival brings together people, stories, products, and brands with the common goal of addressing future travel planning with social as well as ecological awareness.

Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin

Dates & Opening Hours
March 8, 2019: 12–7pm
March 9–10, 2019: 10am–7pm

Registration Deadline
November 15, 2018

Special Rates
Early Bird Rate through August 31, 2018: 10% Discount
Biennial Contract (for two years): 20% Discount
Non-profits and NGOs: 50% Discount

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Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia

Hoteliers Begin to Position and Prepare for Next Round of Growth: Hotel Management Singapore Summit 

Singapore (18 July 2018) – The Hotel Management Singapore Summit (HMS) is the region’s leading hotel industry conference produced by international conference producer Questex Hospitality Group. HMS is scheduled to return to Singapore on 20 Sep 2018. Over 150 international senior hoteliers will gather to discuss on how to reinvent the hospitality business model in anticipation of consumer behavioral changes and resources constraints.

Themed, “Innovation Enabled Evolutions for Next Generation Guest Experiences and Service Flow,” HMS 2018 will once again provide the platform for the industry’s leading senior hoteliers to further discuss insights, trends, and best practices to ensure continuous successes.

From 2018 onwards, slower hotel development pace in Singapore will provide the much needed buffer to the industry. It will allow hoteliers to redirect their efforts into reinventing their business models. This will herald the industry into a new era of hotel operations with automations and innovations. This year marks the beginning of the period to position and prepare for the next round of growth.

To succeed, hotels must strive to remain guest-centric, while managing owner expectations, service levels and financial performances. It is imperative for hoteliers to start this process with the right mindset, cultivate the relevant talents, and leverage cost-efficient solutions. Under this prerogative, HMS will help the industry proactively transform to remain relevant to the guests of the future.
HMS Summit 2018 will continue to bring forth cross-industry consumer trends and hospitality-focused technological solutions as lauded by its past attendees:

“Good platform for networking and set to know the technology that other hotels have adopted,” said Sylvia Chua, Procurement Director – Resorts World Sentosa.

“Excellent topic and it is very on the trend now. Keep up with what in the trend would definitely more interesting,” said Sandra Widjaja, VP- Finance – YTL Hotels.

HMS is a neutral one-stop strategy platform where Corporate CEOs/ Presidents, COOs and CFOs, VP operations Property GMs, Financial Controllers, Director of operations property owners, and managing directors will directly address all key management, operational, commercial, and financial challenges that impact corporate and property P&L.

HMS Summit 2018 is part of the Hotel Management Asia summit Series, Asia’s only truly regional hotel management conference series. The series rotate through Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia this year by leveraging regional experiences, insights, and innovations to address market-specific challenges.

About Questex Hospitality + Travel
The Questex Hospitality + Travel Group of Questex LLC serves the worldwide hospitality, travel and related industries that together contribute over $6 trillion to the global gross domestic product. Through an innovative platform of targeted solutions, the group serves the sector’s entire ecosystem, from tourism and hotel development and investment to hotel design, purchasing, management and operations.

The Questex Hospitality + Travel Group supports every B2B segment of the industry, from investment and development to management operations, sales and marketing of hospitality and travel products to destination development and marketing, via proven demand generation, learning, loyalty and rewards solutions as well as a network of live events.

This division of Questex is aligned around three broad market segments – hospitality, travel, and meetings – and supported by its digital media staff.

About Hotel Management Singapore Summit (HMS Summit)

The leading conference in Thailand that directly addresses all operational/management challenges, the Hotel Management Singapore Summit provides a platform for hotel executives from both corporate level and property level to discuss key operational, branding and financial issues directly impacting corporate and property P&L.

CEO, COO, CFO, VPs, GMs, Financial Controllers, and executive committee members will gather to strategize and debate on essential topics including brand equity, cash-flow management, cost control, innovation and staff retention and development. Industry leaders will share their best practices and recommendations with their peers.


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Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019

The 15th International Hotel, Catering Equipment, Food and Drink Exhibition The 17th International Retail Technology, Equipment, Display and Storage Exhibition
24 - 27 July 2019 | Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran - Jakarta

Meet with Your Potential Buyers, Build Trade Relationships, and Gain Market Feedback for Your Products.


Now in its 15th edition, Food & Hotel Indonesia (“FHI”) is the key to your sales success in Indonesia. Established as the premier food, beverage, equipment and hospitality event in Indonesia, FHI returns in 2019 with bigger and better offering an unrivalled platform to ASEAN’s biggest market.

With an annual growth rate of 6.2% and a population now reaching over 240 million, Indonesia is gaining a reputation as the world’s economic ‘golden child’. It’s healthy business climate and stable political environment has placed Indonesia as one of the world’s top 4 new growth markets and the only ASEAN member of the G20.

35,590 attendees, 1,597 exhibiting, 14 international group pavilions from
47 countries spread over an exhibition area of 37,244 square meters!

Promote your brand alongside world’s leading customers

Many international suppliers have made Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 their choice business platform to connect with trade buyers from Asia. Confirmed exhibitors include:

  • Duta Abadi Primantara (King Koil/ Serta)
  • Hospitality Equip Group
  • Indoguna Utama
  • Interada Prima Lestari
  • Keisi Indonesia
  • Kikkoman Akufood Indonesia
  • Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa
  • Maspion 
  • Mastrada
  • Multifortuna Sinar Delta
  • Nestle Indonesia
  • Nirwana Lestari
  • Pangan Lestari
  • Putra Surya Internusa
  • Sukanda Djaya
  • Toffin Indonesia
  • and many more

What they said about Food & Hotel Indonesia:

"As always, Food & Hotel Indonesia is the best show in this F&B market. We met lot of potential buyers and distributors. Keep a great work!"
Billy Widjaja, Project Manager - PT Pantja Artha Niaga

"Great exhibition as always! Food & Hotel Indonesia has always been a good opportunity to meet both current and new potential buyers and customers!"
Melly, Marketing Manager - PT Karunia Sukses Gemilang

"Great traffic of potential customers of our products. The right time to show any various products to engage the large markets."
Any Chumaeroh, Trade Marketing - PT Bahana Genta Viktory

For more information or to book your space, please contact me:

Wiwiek Roberto (Project Director)
T: +62 (0)21 2525 320
E: [email protected]

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The 12th International Exhibition for equipment, food, beverages and services to support Indonesia's tourism and hospitality industries. Bali remains at the forefront of the tourism industry in Indonesia, recently receiving the award for the best Spa destination in the world to add to its previous list of world tourism and hospitality awards.

To cater to the growing number of tourists a whole host of new hotels have recently opened.

Big opportunities exist right across the board in equipment, food, beverage, and the hospitality sector to meet a more affluent middle class and increasing numbers of foreign arrivals.

Read more+

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Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia

#hotelier #hotelierindo #indonesia #hotelierindonesia #hotevents #expo #hotel #event #food #beverages #restaurants #events

Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia

Are you targeting to meet Hotel Revenue Managers (RM) and Directors of Sales & Marketing (DOSM)?

Meet 200 RMs and DOSMs at Hotel Revenue & Distribution Summit 2018. Simply register as a delegate and get to network with your target audience.

Attending companies include:

and more...

Meet Our New Bronze Sponsor

Find out who has confirmed to attend HRDS 2018. Simply click the link below to download our attendee list with their job titles and organisations.

Download Attendee List

To reserve your seat at this important event, register now as a delegate.
Limited slots available!

Register As a Delegate!

If you have questions about HRDS 2018, drop us an email at [email protected] or contact us at +65 6635 1188.

We look forward to having you here!

Hotel Revenue Distribution Summit (HRDS) Team

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Hospitality, Hotelier, Events, Calendar, Hotelier Indonesia, Top Hospitality Events
Hotelier Indonesia

THINC Indonesia


After 4 successful years in Bali, the 6th Edition of Tourism, Hotel Investment and Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia is all set to be hosted on 5-6 September 2018 at Fairmont, Jakarta

Hosted by Hotelivate, a new age global consultancy firm, THINC Indonesia pioneered the space of Hotel Investment conferences in the region. It aims at providing a platform to deliberate on the development and the direction of the ever-growing Indonesian hotel and tourism industry; It allows business leader and key decision makers from across nations to exchange strategic thoughts, vision and best practices; and since its inception it has been the founding grounds for some of the most defining future hospitality trends in the region.


To continue with the very ethos of the conference and capture the true essence of the Indonesian markets, the One-day program for the year 2018 will be more content driven that ever before and will feature keynotes by subject-matter experts; interviews with industry stalwarts; and a number of engaging panel discussions. At the same time, the conference will allow ample scope of networking for its participants, giving them the opportunity to meet influential decision makers and make deals in a collaborative atmosphere.

Some of the notable speakers for this year are, Budi Tirtawisata, President Director, Panorama, Dr. Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Professor and Director of the Institute of Security and International Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Erastus Radjimin, Chief Executive Officer, Artotel Hotels, Garth Simmons, Chief Operating Officer, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, Accor Hotels, Ishak Chandra, CEO, Strategic Development & Services, Sinar Mas Land, Suwito, Founder and CEO, Republik Capital Management and Tigor M. Siahaan, President Director, CIMB Niaga, to name a few.

We look forward to welcoming all our sponsors, speakers and delegates at THINC Indonesia 2018 on September 6th at the Fairmont Jakarta.

Who should attend?

  • Owners
  • Operators
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investment Fund Representatives
  • Real Estate and Financial Intermediaries
  • Architects, Designers and Planners
  • Legal Advisors and Specialist Consultants
  • Hotel Chain and Management Company Executives
  • Hotel and Tourism Industry Entrepreneurs
  • Government Agencies (Tourism, Planning and Investment)
  • Public and Private Hotel, Tourism, and Convention Agencies

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